Sunday, February 5, 2012

late night Mani-bloggi

It's rather late at night and I'm up blogging? Why? Because I'm also doing my nails and I find that typing is the one thing I can do that keeps me out of the kind of trouble that usually messes them up. I bought new nail polish today... at the dollar tree. It was a purely frivolous purchase because I haven't bought anything like that for myself in quite a long time, due to having very little money. I needed something fun so I bought three colors: gold, black and a dark blue, all for less than the price of a single nail polish I was hoping to buy at Sally's. I decided to go with black tonight because I'm feeling a bit edgy. I don't have the highest hope for it because I've never used a black nail polish, of any brand, that didn't chip almost immediately. If this stuff lasts more than a day I will be totally shocked. It's okay though because according to an article I read a while back, chipped nail polish is in, especially if it's black.

Okay, I need to stop talking about nail polish now, but I did all that because I needed to warm up my brain for getting out the rest of my thoughts. I can't believe I waited this long to make a second entry to this new blog. Yes I can believe it. It's my M.O. really. It's also a habit I would like to grow out of. Consistency hasn't exactly been a keyword in my life so far and I'm turning forty this year. Maybe it's about time. Yes, I've let myself be at the mercy of outside forces, the main cause of the chaos I find myself in regularly and It would be nice to not let that happen anymore. It's going to take a lot of work but I'm not sure if I can do it this late in life. Ugh, I don't like using that term for myself. It makes me sound really old. Sometimes my body feels pretty old, but when it comes down to it, emotionally and mentally, I'm barely out of adolescence and tend to revert to toddlerhood now and then... a toddler with a VERY bad mouth :-D

Turns out I'm doing a couple of things right now to make major changes in my life. For almost a week and a half now, I've been on the Optifast program. It's a liquid diet that I hope will only be the jump-start to a new healthier lifestyle that I need to adopt. I really want to get off of all my medication, have my knees stop hurting so much and to be able to do so many things and maybe above all, be able to be judged by the type of person I am instead of on how I look first (says the girl with the bright red hair). I didn't really want to tell anyone about the diet because the last thing I need is for a bunch of people to feel the need to become the food police where I am concerned. I understand some people mean well, but they can really just fuck off. I have enough stress and issues with food that I don't need it coming from outside sources on top of it. That being said, so far I'm having an easy time of it. I haven't been feeling awfully hungry. I've also been getting in a good amount of exercise done with my Wii but I'd really like to find other exercises that I can enjoy to add to that. It will help me stick to it. I really want to and I know that trying to do it all strictly by will power doesn't work. I suppose I can write about it here because I feel like no one will be reading this blog anyway... at least not for a while.

Another thing I'm about to do is to finally start selling some of my jewelry online. I'm going to put some of the flower pins that I make on eBay to see if I can get a bit of money from them. I don't see why they shouldn't. They are beautiful. But I've always been a very reluctant salesperson and also worried about will I do things right when it comes to taxes and stuff. I need to just “woman up” and do it. I'm also going to check out other sites besides etsy like Artfire and this other site whose name escapes me at the moment. I would SO love to make an actual career out of my jewelry making. I want it to be my day job. It's the one thing that I'm most happy doing that could also make me money. I really do believe my work is good enough, more so now than ever.

On that note, I'm going to go to bed. My nails are dry, well, dry enough. They might be a hot, smushy mess by the time I wake up in the morning, but I'm really tired, so I can live with that.