Monday, August 26, 2013

She's Crafty! AKA: Duck... Duck... Duct Tape Wallet!

Hey! I just made a wallet… a duct tape wallet!

Here’s the back story: Rob’s wallet was looking gnarly, REALLY gnarly and he’s needed a new one for quite some time. So something made me say, “Hey honey, I’m gonna make you a duct tape wallet!” I was really just joking, but Rob thought it was a good idea but decided to make it himself because he had “ideas”. We went to Michael’s on Saturday to get the supplies. When we got home, I started looking up directions for it but didn’t find anything that was really good. On Sunday, Rob attempted to bring his ideas to fruition. He hit some snags and needed to go to work so he gave up on it.

Today, when we got home from going to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after work, I decided that I wanted to take a stab at making a wallet. So I told Rob that I was going to do it and he mentioned a cool video on YouTube that he saw. He said it was the best tutorial that he’s seen so far so I decided to check it out. Well, it was pretty nifty! So I decided to use that as the basis for my wallet but of course, I made some adjustments.

Here are pics of my wallet, well, Rob’s wallet. He loves it! I was already in the middle of working on the pockets before I decided that I should’ve taken step by step pics for a blog post, but oh well. I think the few pics that I do have are awesome! 

...well, as awesome as they can be using a camera phone and not having the most optimum lighting conditions. 

This is the front.
This is the back... which pretty much looks like the front.

Ooh! Fancy innards!
Rob had this plastic photo thing in the old wallet that he wanted put in the new one. Voila! I attached it like a BOSS! Eventually, once I find my clear tape, I'm gonna patch that sucker up!
This is Rob, taking his stuff out of his old, bajankity wallet and putting it in his awesome, new, duct tape wallet!