Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Eighty-Seven -- CoolWay Flat Iron Review

7 am: I didn’t end up flat ironing my hair yesterday. I’m going to try to get that in. I really need to do something with my hair. It’s starting to look bajankety. I really want to get braids in but I don’t really have the time or the money at the moment (though I have something currently in the works towards making that happen).  I didn’t do a blog post yesterday either because what I did was either mind-numbingly boring or something that I can’t talk about just yet. Rob and I met up with some friends for a sort of planning meeting. That’s all I’ll say about that.  Oh, and about the “time stamp” at the beginning of this, I’m doing things a bit different today. I’m starting this blog in the morning and when things happen later on today, I’ll time stamp it as I write about it. We’ve got Writer’s Emporium Club tonight and so I’ll probably be home pretty late. Hmm, I don’t think I ever explained what that is before… that’s something to do for later today. I gotta go now because I have stuff to do.

Later, around 4-ish: So it took almost all day for me to flat iron my hair. Oh, and I washed it using my new ColorProof shampoo and Conditioner. I didn't use the leave in, because I wanted to see my results using the cream and spray that came with the flat iron. The new Coolway flat iron wasn’t quite hot enough for my extra course hair. I think what I’ll end up doing is using it for smoothing after pressing. I also need to try it out with more oil in my hair. Using just the shine oil, which is more like silicone than an actual oil, leaves my hair puffy and not as straight as good ol’ “grease”.  Here are some pictures:

This was taken after I dried my hair with the hair dryer. There was a cream and spray that came with the flat iron that's supposed to prime your hair for ironing with low heat. I didn't like the results, it made my hair feel dry and crispy. Even though this is often the case when I blow dry my hair, I was hoping that with this stuff it wouldn't be. Next time, I may use the spray but I'll also use a leave in conditioner of some sort. Also, I'm thinking I may do what I've been doing recently which is just twisting or braiding my hair to stretch it out and just let it dry on its own  how ever long it takes or overnight

This one is after I flat ironed it. As you can see, my hair isn't as straight as it could be. I've just resigned myself to the fact that my hair is just too coarse and that if I want my hair to look sleek and straight, I'm going to need high heat. I might continue to use the Coolway flat iron for smoothing after using a pressing comb, or for styling. 
This is another view of my hair after using the flat iron. here you can really see that it doesn't really smooth my hair at all and all the shine oil treatment in the world couldn't make it look shiny in this case. 
 This is my hair after using the pressing comb. I couldn't find the hair grease so that it is not as silky straight as I'd like. And by this time, I had been working all day on my hair and frankly, I was pretty sick of it. I will probably go back over it with a quick comb tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how I feel. 
This last one is a pic of me once I had gone outside under better light. We were on our way to my eye exam appointment. Rob likes that it's so pink. I prefer a richer red.  That may be neither here nor there though because I got my mom to agree to do my hair for my birthday! I'm getting braids thankfully. I think my hair needs a rest. I think I'll keep them in at least a year. By that, I don't mean the same braids but as soon as I take one set out, I'll put another in. Nothing helps me keep my length more than putting it up in braids. It also helps getting ready to go out be much quicker. Now I just gotta decide how long I want the braids to be. At the same time, I'm thinking about researching different styles and maybe get something different this time.

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