Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Sixty-Four -- Come Again Some Other Day...

Well, hmm, yesterday there was no blog. I was pretty much sick all day… nausea, headache, toothache, pretty much the whole ball of wax. And despite all that, I managed to make a very lovely bracelet that I had posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve used pantone colors again, this time, African Violet, Linen and Tender Shoots on a bed of matte white. I fixed the coloring in GIMP so it looks much better here than it did on Instagram. 

Today, I did more bead organization.  I still need more room for everything. Just having a big table alone would be a BIG help. Actually, I might be able to finagle space for my smaller black table from my booth in the room by moving a couple things over a bit and just placing it over the bookshelf that’s at the other end of the wall where I have all my stuff. I just don’t know if that would make everything feel kinda crowded. Also, I can’t spare it from use in by booth right now. Even though the booth is only once a month (hopefully twice, as I am looking into another location that has a monthly craft fair) if I got too comfortable, it would be very cumbersome to get all the stuff off of it every time I need it for the booth. I’ll figure something out. But man, I would love to have a dedicated studio. One day…

While I feel like today was pretty productive, and I did feel MUCH better than I did yesterday. I still wish I could have done more; only because the night seemed to go by so fast. I got my nails done today. Hmm, strange way to put that considering I did them myself. I believe this is one of the colors I got from Stephanie. I almost didn’t wear it but I’m glad I did because the color puts me in a good mood. I need to redo two fingers though because I decided to get busy a lot sooner than I should’ve.

Tonight I started working on a bow necklace. I’m going to make a few for sale on Saturday… which reminds me: Saturday I’ll be in Silver Lake again selling my wares. It looks like it might rain this weekend, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just very overcast. 

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