Friday, March 1, 2013

Day Sixty -- Here We Go (All Night Long)

These earlier, boring entries are done so that later on, when I’m rich and famous, people can read these posts and think, “Hey, she’s really come a long way…” Yeah. That’s gonna happen.

So I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to stay away from bracelets for a while because I’ve done so many lately. Also, I really hate double-needle beading projects. I don’t think I’ve ever done one where I didn’t end up ripping the project apart in frustration and moving on to something new. All that being said, I am undoubtedly about to be up very late working on a double-needle bracelet project. I know. Crazy. But I guess that’s me. Ooh, on top of all that, I’m using colors that I doubt they will work together well but I want to see anyway. Apparently, wild hairs like to creep up my butt late at night. At least I tried to go with some Pantone challenge colors. Rob says he really likes the 2013 Spring forecast colors. I’m more like, “Eh.” [insert shrug] It’s okay though because what I make is going to be FABULOUS!

I’m thinking that maybe I’m going to be up late doing this to make up for the lack of productivity during today’s bead day at Kristine’s house. Maybe productivity isn’t the word and it should be “success”. I did a lot of work, but then I did a lot of undoing that work as well. Nothing was quite working out and in the end, all I came home with was a 1 ¼” by 3/8” strip of peyote beadwork of a questionable color combination. It was supposed to be one of those bead tubes, but I don’t know if I’m going to finish it or just take it apart.

So now I’m going to go work on this bracelet until I can’t go on and finish it tomorrow. Don’t quite know what tomorrow has in store, but I know that Sunday is going to include bead shopping so it’s gonna be a good weekend.  

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