Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Sixty-Two -- We'll Go To Very Distant Lands

 I got to bed at 5am. Just goofing off on the computer and stuff. Though mainly, it was because the headaches and nausea, which had recently subsided has returned… with a toothache in tow. Ugh.

No bother though because today was bead shopping day! All beads were 20% off at San Gabriel Bead Co.! It was me, Kristine and Liz, plus Rob, which is extra awesome because it meant that I could get a bit more beads than I would’ve been able to. Still, I didn’t go crazy. Here are pics of my stash.

Got some twin beads,
though that one on the left looks a bit wonky

I decided that the Pantone challenges that I do can be a great way to increase my bead supply without going overboard or having such a hard time choosing that I just don’t choose anything. There’s a bead show at the end of April. I’m going to look for some of the Fall colors then.
The rest of the day was pretty nice too. We had lunch at SouPlantation. I haven’t been there in years. Then we went back to Kristine’s and watched some Adventure Time and then Surf’s Up while ogling each other’s purchases of the day. Before the movie was over, Rob and I needed to go home. He needed to get some medicine in him but mainly, the nausea was creeping back up on me and I have been feeling miserable with it all night. I’m going to go to bed WAY earlier than 5am tonight and hopefully I’ll have some nice pictures tomorrow of some things I have made.

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